Fish in a Tree book review

For the past term and a half, our class has been reading a book is called Fish in a Tree. This book is about a girl named Ally and she has dyslexia, but we only find that out near the end of the book. Another main character is called Shay and she is the bully of the story. Shay bullies Ally for her dyslexia and also bullies this other character named Albert for wearing the same shirt design every day. Jessica is another character and is Shays ‘minion’, this means that she just stays near Shay at all times and listens to Shay all of the time as well. Keisha is another main character and is known as the brave one of the group, when I say group I just mean Ally and Albert. There is also Mr Daniels, Mr Daniels helped Ally read and write better and even give her the idea that she had dyslexia. I think the main idea for this book is to tell people that you can do anything, even if you have dyslexia you can do anything if you believe in yourself. I think this because Ally had dyslexia and Mr Daniels always told her that she can do it and then helped her with whatever she was doing. An example of this is when Ally stayed after school to play chess and practice how to read and write.

Persuasive Texts!

The past couple of days we have been trying to construct a persuasive text. A persuasive text is a piece of writing that persuades someone to do something or think something different to what they already thought, an example of this would be if someone liked cats and then you need to try and persuade that person to change their mind to not like cats. We have started on making the first paragraph of our persuasive text. The first paragraph of a persuasive text usually tells us what the topic of the the writing will be and gives us our three reasons that we will be writing about and trying to persuade you to do. We started doing this as a whole class then we used the structure of the paragraph we wrote with the whole class to write our own, but today we are writing one all by ourselves! Thanks for reading

Story Starters!

In our class, every too weeks we get a new spelling list. We usually do our spelling in the first 30 minutes of class time. Today I would like to share some with whoever is reading this:

The girl sat in he room occupied as her mum finished dinner, “Luna down for dinner” called the mother.

“Ow!” Luna yelled in pain as the gave him his vaccine.

The person gave an accusation on the burglar.

School Holidays

The past two weeks have been our school holidays, this means we didn’t go to school for two weeks! A lot of things happened during these two weeks including, sleepovers, going to restaurants and I even going to the movies. One of the best things that I did in the holidays was going to a place called Karen’s diner. Karen’s diner is a place where the waiters and all of the people that work there are really mean to you. Walking in there, I thought I would walk out crying because someone would insult me, but I didn’t cry from sadness, I cried from laughter. Another thing in the holidays I did was have a sleepover with my friend Rayne, but I don’t really know how I survived the whole night with her because she was so annoying. Just kidding (maybe not just saying that in case she reads it). Even though a lot of bad things happened during the two week holidays, all of the good things made up for it, so all in all I had a wonderful two week holiday. I hope you enjoyed reading!

Measuring Fun

In class we have been learning how to measure the height of things these things include:

  • Footy Posts
  • Basketball hoops
  • Flag poles
  • Fence
  • Our learning block

First we measure out 5 meters along the bottom of the pole

Second we use to protractor to measure the angle.

Finally we used a theodolite to make sure our angles were accurate.

Thank you for reading : )

Limerick Poems

In class we have been learning how to write Limerick Poems. We had to pick a topic, and I picked my best friend Rayne to write about. Here is my poem:

One there was a girl named Rayne

Who was always in great pain

She fell out of bed

And had hit her head

And then she wasn’t the same

My Holidays

The past two weeks have been school holidays. One of the things I did was I went down south with my family. When I say family I mean all of my aunties, uncles, cousins and my nan and pop. The drive to our holiday house was 5 and a half hours and by the end of it I was going crazy. When we got there the first thing we did was start the campfire, we even brought marshmallows to roast. The place we where staying also had cows and chickens that we went to see frequently. We even went mountain climbing and kayaking in the river. after our holiday came to an end, we packed our bags with another 6 hours of driving ahead of us. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.


Story Starters

The children were afraid as the intruder started walking up the stairs.

Everybody started jumping in the air as the bride through the bouquet.

The mayonnaise jar sat in the cabinet for 2 weeks as nobody wanted to eat it.

hope you enjoy!

Story Starters

In class one of our spelling activities is story starters, here’s mine:

The moon shone brighter as the clock striked midnight.

The candlelight was the only source of light as the group of friends stood in the dark room.

A single tear shed under the veil as the lady was sad about the loss of her friend.

I hope you enjoy!